Thursday, 13 December 2012


What a beguiling start to the end of such an intense year. I found love, and fell in love too. Firstly through correspondence and then in person with the gorgeous Madelaine. I must take some responsibility for this state as I clearly engineered it as far as I could but events still surprise even if they are hoped for. Three weeks of ‘madness’ in an English village and occasional days of the pure bliss that kind weather, walks across sun streaked fields, and pubs with warm hearths give. Just the best that a rural English autumn offers.

And now of course we are parted and separated by time as well as distance. Correspondence starts again and all the arsenal of modern technology is commandeered to breathe soul and energy into romance. February is the next time we shall see each other and be able to touch - there is so much hope and excitement for that time that it makes the intervening days seem irrelevant and unwelcome, even though there is so much to do and enjoy. Madelaine has turned my world upside down even as I have done the same to hers. But we have correspondence, and now a blog to recall, record and annotate. It shall have to do. xxx

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