Monday, 31 December 2012


Recently, I have found myself thinking about inconsequential things - or seemingly so, amidst the carnage of other developments. I have been walking through the house and village thinking about what will be shared, what needs attention, what new things must be bought or prepared for. And it becomes apparent that deep beneath this frozen ground of winter, spring is awakening and stretching in its endless possibilities. Invisible and undetectable to those who can't or won't acknowledge the power of dreams, it nevertheless is preparing the ground and whispering to the seeds that their time will come - and far sooner than can be imagined in these cold days.
So I potter and gather the small but happiest of thoughts and think of my Madelaine, and how this needs to be changed, or that bought, and know that spring has already come to me in my soul and I hope she will feel it too. The new year is on us, there are so very few days that truly belong to me to get these small things underway ... and if I blink I will be on a plane flying to our future.

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