Monday, 21 January 2013

Hearts that last

I have had Madelaine's heart that she gave me in Reading on my window since Christmas after it hung on top of the tree for the last peaceful days of the holiday. It hangs on its thread from the window handle and sometimes catches the sun on the days that we have any. It has not caught my eye for a while - I usually see the room in darkness and it gets lost against the night sky but this weekend I was home for the first time in months and I saw it against a light pale winter sun and the snow that fell on Friday. It has a beauty about its form that is neither ostentatious or garish. And this weekend I was able to look on it and remember the feelings that it came with and the time it was given - the end of a mad three weeks in November that will define my life. The heart is beautiful and I look at it with renewed hope and energy as I realise that my belief that our love will prevail is slowly coming to be true.

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